Fabulous Secret Powers
a.k.a. "He-Man Sings" and "HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA"
In all its original 480x360 glory. Unwatermarked and ready to be stolen (I'm looking at you Ebaum!)
Released in 2005. This was the first and probably most well known thing I've released to the internet. A collaboration between myself and Jay Allen. He did the music and I did all the compositing and dance choreography. The composite of Prince Adam with his head back on the rainbow star field will probably be my 15 minutes of fame. Internet fame... I'll die broke and alone... please send help.
When we released it to the internet, there was an almost instant realization that we didn't actually own anything. It was stolen, chopped, (credits removed *gasp!*) and posted without credit. *COUGH*protofosnagum*COUGH* C'est la vie.  That's how meme's work, right? You move on. Or let it fester for 15 years... I am currently revisiting the composites I put together for FSP. Tearing it down with hex editing and general databending, using degenerative "digital lo-fi" tools to pull new beauty from the original data. Pushing and pulling pixels to expand the narrative of the original work, while allowing me to reclaim ownership by creating something new. One of a kind Tokens available on OpenSea.
All images are pulled from the original source of Fabulous Secret Powers (or one of her direct copies). Databent and put through whatever tools feel right. All created to print sizes. 3000px+ 150dpi+

Confirmed. blue check meme.

Men's Health Mentioned FSP!

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