Isolation Lyric Video
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Lyric video for song, Isolation, from the "were it so easy" EP.
Never intended to go this far for what was supposed to be something simple. Quick turnaround, but a hell of a lot of fun... (mental health is important y'all.)
Defector Announcement Trailer
Occulus & Twisted Pixel Games
Also provided a bit of VR menu backgrounds.
I get motion sickness. How bout you?
Outdated Demo Reel
It's a living
A bunch of the things that have put food on the table.
I should probably think about updating this, but why ruin a good thing, right?
Fabulous Secret Powers
a.k.a. "He-Man Sings" and "HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA"
In all its original 480x360 glory. Unwatermarked and ready to be stolen (I'm looking at you Ebaum!)
Released in 2005. This was the first and probably most well known thing I've released to the internet. A collaboration between myself and Jay Allen. He did the music and I did all the compositing and dance choreography. The composite of Prince Adam with his head back on the rainbow star field will probably be my 15 minutes of fame. Internet fame... I'll die broke and alone... snd hlp. 
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